The Slender Set: Plank & Crunches

It occurred to me the other day that it’s been a hot minute since I’ve posted a Slender Set workout. In case you’re a new reader or just need a refresher, these are workouts based on muscle groups that are set to music. Put the right song on and even someone as exercise disinclined as myself (it’s true) will want to get their sweat on.

Since I’m doing this, I might as well be on-trend and, let’s be honest, nothing is more in vogue right now than Miley. Her new album just came out and while I’m not completely sold on the quasi-pop/rap trend throughout, Do My Thang is a song I can get down with. And by “get down with” I mean do three minutes of ab workouts to.

A fun ab workout set to Miley's new song! | The Slender Student - Check this out to see proper plank form. You can also opt to hold it on your hands instead of your forearms, but I find the latter to be far more comfortable and easier on the wrists. Use your abs and obliques to keep your core aligned and avoid letting your butt rise or slump.

This is a plank saw.

– Your simple crunch. It’s basic but effective.

Bicycle crunches work your upper abs, lower abs, and obliques. Win/win/win.

Spiderman planks kill and I think I mean that in a good way.

– Check out these variations of side planks. Choose a level that’s challenging but do-able.


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