The Slender Set: Arms + Back

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Sometimes it’s shocking how much Beyoncé and I have in common. We’re both from Houston, we both love Jay-Z, we both look amazing in diamond-encrusted leotards. I could go on forever, but I can’t keep you here all day when you should be doing this upper body workout.

This is the second addition to The Slender Set. Add it to your cardio routine with or without the lower body set I posted earlier this week. Soon, you’ll have an entire series of songs to get you through a full body workout. Leave a comment if you’ve tried either one of the sets and let me know how you liked it! If you have any other song ideas, leave those in the comments too!

Oh, p.s., you’ll need a set of free weights for this one. If you’re a female, start with 5 lbs and see how that feels. If you’re a male, start with 8 lbs. If you’re a swoldier and don’t need my advice on how much weight to use, tell me to step off.

- On the push ups, try and do them from your toes until you reach the point of failure and then drop to your knees. Don’t tell yourself you can’t do a real push up if you haven’t even tried!
– Push up form: normal, wide (to target your shoulders/chest), narrow (to target your triceps)
– Check out proper form for rows
– Here’s the hammer curl to add to your jog
– And since I know you’re not even feeling this yet, here’s the lateral raise!

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