The Final Five

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If you’re a human and you’re a female, there’s a pretty huge chance that you’ve battled with those last five pounds. Even if you’re sticking to a slender diet and fitness regimen, they can be the hardest to whittle away. I’m nearing what I believe (/hope/pray) will be my final five, and will definitely need some motivation to power through them.

Setting smaller, more reasonable goals leading up to your ultimate goal weight will keep you from losing that light at the end of the tunnel. I’ve found that rewarding myself at specific points in my journey to slenderhood encourages me to keep going.

Here is the reward system I’ve come up with. Putting the rewards on little notes stuck to my mirror (specifically the mirror above my dresser where I get dressed and, therefore, spend a lot of time thinking about slenderhood), ensures that these motivators are on my mind, even when I’m most tempted to stray.

Of course you can always adapt the weight loss goal and its respective reward as you see fit in terms of price and what will motivate you! This probably goes without saying, but making them food-related is a bit counterproductive.

If you think I’m delusional for choosing grilled chicken over a cheeseburger in promise of a new bottle of OPI, let me know what would motivate you!

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