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The Slender Student guide to eating, drinking, and working out while studying abroad!

So, you’re going abroad next semester. You’re expecting fun friends, a different culture, easy classes, and maybe a romance with a Spanish man.

What you might not be expecting?

The abroad aftermath– pounds gained and self esteem shot. If you’ve been with The Slender Student from the get, then you already know that the blog was born out of my desire to help people avoid the nasty (I mean that multi-definitionally) situation I found myself (and my bod) in after a semester in Barcelona. Since it’s about that time, I thought I should send my internationally-inclined readers down memory lane with my abroad advice series that covers my tips for eating, working out, and drinking far from home. Disfrutad.

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I’d love to hear more tips from other past study abroaders!

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Lazy Sunday

The answer to Friday’s mystery snack? Five Grain Wheat Thins! Pair 11 of these with a Weight Watchers string cheese for an on-the-go 150 calorie snack!

Here’s an assortment of pictures from this week and our trip to Deer Valley, UT. Everyone there was so outdoorsy and granola, it was a Slender Student’s perfect vacation.

Einstein’s bagel thin egg white sandwich en route to the airport!

acai, banana, strawberries, blueberries, and organic apple juice blended & topped with hemp flax seed granola, bananas, and honey

open-face Eggbeaters sandwich

grilled chicken over greens and pickled fruits

arugula salad with chicken, sliced almonds, and dates

grilled salmon salad courtesy of Grandma!

my brother & I before our first day’s hike

slender siblings

so excited to find high fiber/high protein pancake mix at the farmers market!

getting a semi-decent jumping picture was a cardio workout in itself. i’m starfishing hard.


Now back to the real world and pre-birthday slender down crunch time!

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I’ll be road tripping a couple of times in the coming week, and as much as I’d like to use this as an excuse to not work out, I’m too painfully aware that there are options. Yes, I could go on a run but I hate running, and I’m like 95% sure I have a sports injury, which I’m simultaneously depressed and thrilled by. Depressed because it’s hindering my workouts and, therefore, my journey to slenderhood. Thrilled because getting hurt working out is a lot cooler than getting hurt doing other things, like twisting your ankle getting out of the bed of a truck or having your big toenail get ripped off by a cowboy boot on a moving short bus. Or at least that’s what I’ve heard.

Aaaaand, I digress. Options, right. There are other fitness-y things you can do when you’re limited by a lack of equipment and space. Take a look at what I’ll be doing over the next week while I’m far from home and my faithful Ultimate Conditioning class.

This series of workouts is based on the muscle confusion principle. By regularly changing up your routine, your body will be forced to adapt to dynamic circumstances instead of becoming accustomed to a pattern. All of the moves are of the CrossFit variety, which focus on building strength, cardiovascular fitness and endurance through body weight-bearing exercises.

Here are the moves:
1. jump squat– the higher you go, the more you burn. Great for cardio and strength.
2. butterfly situp– focus on using your core to lift you, not the momentum of your arms like this guy. If you can’t get all the way up, just crunch.
3. burpees– I can’t lie, these suck. You’ll be out of breath in a handful of reps.
4. triceps dip– as she explains, the closer your feet are to your body, the easier it’ll be. Use a chair, step, bench, sidewalk, whatever. You’ll feel it.
5. lunge hop– again, cardio and strength.
6. pushup–  I try and do as many as I can on my toes and then drop to my knees when I reach the point of failure.

Now, using those moves, you’ll choose from one of the following sequences three or four times a week, trying a different sequence every workout:
a) total time: 10 reps of each move, moving on to the next one without rest. Do as much as you can in 15 minutes. [1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6]
b) total countdown: 60 reps of the first move, 50 reps of the second, 40 seconds of the third, until you’re down to 10 reps of the last move. [2, 1, 6, 5, 4, 3]
c) total rounds: 12 reps of each move, moving on to the next one without rest. Do 5 rounds. Next time you do this sequence, try and beat your previous time. [3, 4, 5, 2, 6, 1]
d) total reps: do as many reps as you can without stopping in between exercises. After a minute’s rest, repeat the sequence twice more. On every new round, try and beat the amount of reps you did the previous round. [5, 6, 2, 3, 1, 4]

I hope you still like me after this.

Source: Women’s Health magazine (July/August 2012)

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