Apple Pie Egg White Oatmeal

Before we get into today’s post, take a second and help fund my blogging habit by repinning this recipe! Apple Pie Egg White Oatmeal | The Slender Student

There’s no reason your slender breakfast should be boring, or your oatmeal should taste like anything other than pie. With the addition of egg whites, this oatmeal makes for a nutritious and filling breakfast dish. Whip up a quick veggie egg white omelette to go along side of it and you’ll be good to go.

Apple Pie Egg White Oatmeal | The Slender Student Servings: 1 | Calories per serving: 179
Fat: 3.2 g (Sat Fat: 0.4 g) | Carbohydrate: 28.4 g | Fiber: 4.7 g| Protein: 10.4 g

1/4 C dry instant oats
1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (or any other type of milk or water)
1/4 C liquid egg whites
1/2 small apple, chopped
1/2 t cinnamon
1 t vanilla extract
optional: 1 packet of sweetener

1. Place the oats and milk in a small pot and begin cooking on high until milk begins to boil.
2. Once boiling, add in the chopped apples and pour in the liquid egg whites and stir until the liquid has all evaporated and the egg whites have cooked completely.
3. Add in the cinnamon, vanilla, and optional sweetener and enjoy!

Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal Bake

Frankly, I’m surprised that it’s taken almost a year of blogging for me to come up with this recipe. I mean, I’m constantly looking for ways to incorporate more chocolate into my diet, and if I can disguise it as something healthy by combining it with oatmeal, wouldn’t it be insane not to?
Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal Bake | The Slender Student

Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal Bake
Calories: 368 | Fat: 8.1 g (Sat Fat: 2.9 g) | Carbohydrate: 53.9 g | Protein: 26.3 g

1/2 C fat free Greek yogurt
1/2 C milk (I used unsweetened vanilla almond milk)
1/4 C liquid egg whites
2 T unsweetened cocoa powder
1 packet Splenda
1 t cinnamon
1 t instant coffee or espresso
1/2 T mini chocolate chips
1/2 C dry oats
1/2 small banana, sliced

1. The night before, whisk together the yogurt, milk, liquid egg whites, cocoa powder, Splenda, cinnamon, and instant coffee in a small mixing bowl until there are no lumps.*
2. Stir in the mini chocolate chips and oats.
3. Pour the oat mixture in a small baking dish coated with PAM. Top with sliced bananas.
4. In the morning, bake the oatmeal for 30 minutes in a 375° oven.

Chocolate Espresso Oatmeal Bake | The Slender Student

*note: if you want to try making this the morning of, simply spread the oats in the bottom of the baking dish and pour the liquid mixture over it before baking

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Banana Almond Egg White Oatmeal

Morning boot camp means today is definitely an AM sweat day. If you read my Fuel Your Morning post, then it should come as no surprise to you that this is a perfect Spring Break Slender Down post-sweat breakfast. It has complex carbs, quickly absorbed protein, and healthy fats, meaning I’ll have no problem making it until lunch. Banana Almond Egg White Oatmeal | The Slender Student

Banana Almond Egg White Oatmeal
Calories: 365 | Fat: 11.8 g (Sat Fat: 1.9 g) | Carbohydrate: 43.6 g | Fiber: 6.7 g| Protein: 23.5 g

1 C water
1/2 C instant oats
1/2 scoop vanilla whey protein powder
1/4 C liquid egg whites
1/2 small banana
1 T almond butter
optional: 1 packet Splenda, cinnamon, vanilla extract

1. In a small pot, bring water to boil. Add in oats and let cook for 1-2 minutes. Turn heat down to medium.
2. When almost all of the water is absorbed, stir in the egg whites and protein powder. Stir until all of the water is absorbed and the egg whites have cooked in. There shouldn’t be excess liquid.
3. Top with banana slices, almond butter, and optional extras!

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Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats

If you’re following me on Instagram, then you already know of my overnight oats habit. See, I have class on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8 am to 5 pm, which is borderline blasphemy. The last thing I want to do on those early mornings is set my alarm clock even further back to cook up breakfast.

Enter the beauty of overnight oats. I throw these together the night before and then bring them to school to eat during my first or second class. That way, I can wake up a little later and I’m not left feeling hungry at like 10 am after eating breakfast at the crack of dawn.

The recipe I’m sharing today is a peanut butter banana variation, but I’ve really run the gamut of flavors– mixed berry, pumpkin (shocker), chocolate peanut butter banana, etc. Lately I’ve been thinking of doing a fall-inspired concoction with some dried cranberries and cinnamon. The possibilities are endless! I feel so alive!!!

Peanut Butter Banana Overnight Oats
Calories: 310 | Fat: 6.0 g (Sat Fat: 0.8 g) | Carbohydrate: 52.6 g | Fiber: 13.2 g| Protein: 27.1 g

1/2 C uncooked oats (my current favorite is Mother’s rolled oats, but plain Quaker Quick Oats will do ya dandy)
1/2 C unsweetened vanilla almond milk (also just a matter of preference and calorie consciousness)
2 T protein powder (I use Whole Foods 365 Whey Protein Powder because it’s cheap and moderate in calories)
1 T PB2
1/2 to 1 packet Splenda
1/2 of a small banana
1/4 C Fiber One

1. The night before you want to eat the oats, combine all of the ingredients (except for the Fiber One) in a container with a lid. Stir well because encountering clumps of protein powder will make you never want to eat again.
2. Cover and store in the fridge overnight.
3. In the morning, top your oats with Fiber One and dig in!

When I first started overnighting it with my oats, I never used protein powder. The taste still rocked but I did notice a huge difference in my how long I stayed full once I added it.

That being said, this breakfast is perfect before a late morning workout. The whole grain carbohydrate of the oats and simple carbohydrate of the fruit will energize you, and the protein will tide you over until lunch.

If you want to change up your flavors, take out  the PB2 and banana. Mix it up however you’d like.

Feeling inspired? I’d love to hear your flavor ideas!

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