Slender Sororities

After a week off from blogging and a weekend off from slender eating thanks to Moms’ Weekend, I’m so happy to be back with a a full arsenal of posts that I think you’re all going to love.
UT AEPhi gets slender! | The Slender Student The girls of UT AEPhi take Bar Method classes together, listen to a talk on portion control from yours truly, snack on slender alternatives, and team up for a mud run!

Healthy tips from Melissa, a freshman Alpha Phi | The Slender Student Melissa, a freshman Alpha Phi at Wash U, shares her tips for staying slender and how her sorority helps her do it!
UGA Chi O stays slender post-workout | The Slender Student

Some UGA freshmen Chi Os making slender post-workout choices in their dining hall!

UT KKG after a class at The Bar Method! | The Slender Student

Texas KKGs post-Bar Method burn!

Advice from Victoria, a freshman Pi Phi at Vanderbilt! | The Slender Student

Victoria, a freshman Pi Phi at Vanderbilt, on slender sorority bonding.Tulane Chi O throws it back to Jazzercise! | The Slender StudentTulane Chi O throws it back to Jazzercise!

Thank you to all the slender sorority girls who sent in their photos and tips. Way to rep ya crew. If your girls weren’t featured today, please feel free to send in how y’all stay slender and I’ll be sure to put you in the next Slender Sorority post! Also, a big thanks to the always awesome girls of Team Slender (Nicole, Alexis, and Cara) for helping me put this together!

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Your Slender Sorority

Have a cooking, nutrition, fitness, or totally random question for The Slender Student? Ask away!

Show me how YOUR sorority keeps it slender! | The Slender Student

Ever since bagel thins filled my sorority’s bagel drawer (yeah, we have a bagel drawer) and PB2 made an appearance on the kitchen countertop, I’ve been curious about how houses at other universities keep it slender. Indulge my nosiness and send in pictures of snacks or meals served in your sorority house that are helping promote your journey to slenderhood. Do a group of you do a workout class together? Send in a picture or tell me about it in a comment below! Frustrated by the lack of slender options available at your house? Vent that in a comment too!

Show me how YOUR sorority keeps it slender! | The Slender Student

I’ll be featuring your submissions in a future post, so start sending ‘em in! You can e-mail me at or tweet, Instagram, or Facebook me!

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House Rules

Answer this week’s new QOTW!

I lived in my sorority house my sophomore year. It was pretty much exactly like the movies– girls running around in their towels asking to borrow clothes, late night chats, and gratuitous slandering of the opposite sex. What I didn’t expect, or learn from that terrible movie Sorority Wars, though, was how food-centric living in the house would be. Food or discussions of food were inescapable, so I was always left feeling overstuffed or just bummed out.

Since I’m now a senior, those days of sorority house living seem like ancient history (despite the fact that I still eat there at least twice a week and study there more than I’d like to mention). However, a recent comment from a reader, Rachel, reminded me of just how hard it can be. So, being the sisterly and wise upperclassman that I am, I decided to come up with my 10 commandments for sorority house living and eating. They’re printable and everything. What else could you ask for? …No, you can’t borrow my Pleasure Doing Business skirt on Thursday.

 [click to enlarge and print]

Don’t live in a sorority house but think these are good rules to live and eat by? You’re an A+ Slender Student. These rules can be taken anywhere and are especially useful in a buffet style setting (think dining hall).

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