Spring Break Slender Down Swaps + Freebies

If you’re reading today’s post then you must’ve it through yesterday’s shocking announcement: spring break is less than two weeks away! Fortunately, there’s the Spring Break Slender Down meal plan, a no nonsense set of meal suggestions that will help you become the lean, mean, poolside-laying, (slender) margarita-sipping machine that I know you are.

Today’s post should give you a better idea of how to make the meal plan your own.
Spring Break Slender Down meal plan swaps! | The Slender Student The swaps can be used to change up the meals I suggested yesterday. Just make sure you check the nutrition information per serving before switching things around, as everything will have different calorie and nutrient content. Of course this list isn’t all-encompassing so if there’s something you have a question about incorporating into the Slender Down, let me know!

Spring Break Slender Down meal plan freebies! | The Slender Student Freebies should get you through the day by either adding some spice to your meals or giving you something free to snack on between designated meals. Keep in mind that not every meal plan can work for everyone, so if you’re absolutely starving while on the Slender Down, you should think about adding 100-200 calories to the plan.

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