Team Slender: Daring in the Dining Hall

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Our Team Slender freshman, Nicole, is here today talking about how to avoid the dining hall snoozefest that can halt your journey to slenderhood! Your girl’s got some easy and simple ideas that will keep you on the straight and narrow and out of the on campus fast food traps.


Choices to make in the dining hall to keep things interesting AND slender! | The Slender Student

As a college freshman, my meal plan kicks me every time I even think about thinking about buying meals outside the dining hall. Let’s be honest, how many plain, three-ingredient salads can you eat (because it’s the only healthy option) before you turn into a rabbit? So, this is my guide to spicing up the dining hall, so you don’t have to feel the guilt of letting your meal plan go by unused. By spending on just a few extra items, you can dress up your meal into a deliciously healthy meal without needing to venture outside of the campus cafeteria.

  1. Keep the boring staple deli meats, but try using your own bread. Don’t feel embarrassed to ask the chefs to prepare your sandwich with your own personal bread stash. Invest in a few 100-calorie flatbreads (Flat Out, Pepperidge Farms, Thomas’) to use on your sandwich instead of wasting your calories on Wonder Bread.
  2. Use your own salad dressing! Cutting back to a low-fat or fat-free dressing can cut out hundreds of unnecessary calories. Walden Farms makes 20 different fat free flavors of salad dressing that will make you think you’re eating a restaurant-style Caesar Salad.
  3. Say cheese! Reduced fat cheese, that is. Reduced fat shredded cheese is a perfect topping to your sandwich thins (try it with some tomato sauce for some homemade pizza) and a great substitute for the standard dining hall cheese that’s high in saturated fat. Try putting feta on top of your dining hall salad, or American cheese over a (bunless?) burger. Low fat cheese can make your meal more exciting without the burden of packing on the pounds!
  4. Spice up…everything! I have started to put hot sauce on almost everything I eat. Franks happens to be my favorite. This zero guilt topping gives my eggs, sandwiches, meats, and vegetables a kick when I’m getting bored of my routine meals.


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Team Slender: Nicole

Answer this week’s QOTW!

If you follow me on Instagram or Twitter, then you’ve heard about the new project I’ve been working on with some very cool girls– Team Slender. Over the next few weeks, I’ll be introducing y’all to the girls and starting next semester, they’ll be guest posting periodically on The Slender Student, letting you in on their slender perspective.

Meet Nicole, a freshman here at The University of Texas. Nicole will be your go-to-girl for all freshman-related challenges– dining hall eating, dorm room cooking, and every other adjustment that comes with the territory of your first year in college. Leave any questions you have for Nicole in the comments below and get ready for her upcoming guest posts!

[you’ll meet the rest of Team Slender in the next couple of weeks!]

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