Slender Style: Kickin’ It

Slender Style: Kickin' It | The Slender Student

one: Nike Free TR III Printed ($100)
two: Nike Roshe Run ($70)
three: Nike Air Max 1 ND Liberty ($125)
four: Nike FlyKnit Lunar1+ ($160)
five: Nike Roshe Run Woven ($100)
six: Nike Roshe Run Premium Liberty iD ($130)

I’m believe that you can tell a lot by a person by the shoes they wear. I meet someone, forget their name, remember their shoes, and feel like their chosen pair has given me some deep insight into their being. Probably not my best quality but, hey, it is what it is. And while it used to be that this vehicle for self expression was limited to the shoes one wears to the mall, bar, or beach, thanks to some eye-catching new designs, I’m able to read too far into one’s footwear in the gym, too!

After being in the city for a week and then coming back to campus in Austin, I’ve seen some pretty enviable kicks. And since I’m apparently a masochist, I decided to spend some QT on Nike’s website, checking out all the insane styles despite the fact that I just bought a new pair of (boring…oops) running shoes and know better than to drop a Benj on an unnecessary pair. Do you understand how much self control it takes to not indulge in that custom floral lavender pair?

So much that I probably deserve a new pair of shoes…

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