Slender Students Abroad

The Slender Student guide to eating, drinking, and working out while studying abroad!

So, you’re going abroad next semester. You’re expecting fun friends, a different culture, easy classes, and maybe a romance with a Spanish man.

What you might not be expecting?

The abroad aftermath– pounds gained and self esteem shot. If you’ve been with The Slender Student from the get, then you already know that the blog was born out of my desire to help people avoid the nasty (I mean that multi-definitionally) situation I found myself (and my bod) in after a semester in Barcelona. Since it’s about that time, I thought I should send my internationally-inclined readers down memory lane with my abroad advice series that covers my tips for eating, working out, and drinking far from home. Disfrutad.

Eating advice for students studying abroad | The Slender Student Fitness advice for students studying abroad | The Slender Student Drinking advice for students studying abroad | The Slender Student

I’d love to hear more tips from other past study abroaders!

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3 thoughts on “Slender Students Abroad

  1. I’m studying abroad right now, and it’s definitely been tough! Especially since I’m in Italy – the land of some really great food that unfortunately consists of mainly of carbs, gelato, and cheese. Luckily, I have an apartment and am cooking for myself most days! I let myself indulge once or twice a week and go out to eat, but I mostly cook for myself because it’s healthier and cheaper! Eggs are an easy go to and I found oatmeal and greek yogurt, so those have been my breakfast and lunches most days. I’ve also been pinterest-ing like crazy to find easy, healthy recipes with ingredients I can find here! I invested in some red wine vinegar and plan to make a lot of salads like this one:
    I’ll make the full batch and have some good veggies to eat for a week!
    P.S. I’m lovingggg your blog! :) Though I’m seriously enjoying my time here, all your recipes and workouts make me excited to get home and really whip myself back into shape (though I’m trying my best here!)

  2. I’m in Turkey right now and the main thing I would suggest to people studying abroad in a country that is not a Western European country is be careful what you wear. There are certain outfits like short shorts that don’t sit well out here. Everything is long skirts. Also, get some sort of routine with working out, otherwise everything goes down hill. Turkey doesn’t have a lot of gyms and the gyms they have are extremely unreasonably priced. Look into websites like for workouts.

  3. Haha I guess I am lucky! I am in Japan which is known for its delicious healthy food. Also I bought a bike here so I ride my bike everywhere instead of taking trains and buses (extra leg toning bonus). Since I walk/ride my bike everywhere I seldom go to the gym unless I want to do some strength training, but again I feel like I am lucky because my University has an awesome gym free for students. My tip is to avoid eating out as much as possible since Japan doesn’t do doggie bags and wasting food is looked down upon you are expected to eat your entire portion. Eat the Japanese way, 腹八分, meaning until you are 80 percent full.

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