Slender Sips: Berry Minty Vodkito

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Tomorrow’s a really big day for me. Like, huge. Like, monumental. Like, my life won’t be the same after tomorrow. Tomorrow is finally, after an excruciatingly long, seemingly neverending wait, MY TWENTY-FIRST BIRTHDAY.

But I mean, I’m obviously being totally chill about it… If making your own slender cocktail in honor of your own birthday constitutes “being chill.”

This is my take on a mojito, using vodka instead of rum. The reason I used vodka is because a) I like vodka, it goes down smoother than nail polish remover or rubbing alcohol, and b) there was no rum to be found in the house.

Berry Minty Vodkito

 Calories: 137 | Fat: .1 g | Carbohydrate: 14.3 g | Fiber: 5 g| Protein: 0 g

1/3 C water
1 1/2 T Splenda (or your sweetener of choice)
6-8 fresh mint leaves + a few extra for garnish
1/2 C frozen mixed berries + a few extra for garnish
1 1/2 oz vodka
2 oz club soda

1. To make the Splenda simple syrup, heat the water until it boils, then add the Splenda and stir to dissolve. Allow to cool before mixing in the drink.
2.  Nuke the 1/2 C of frozen berries in the microwave for about 15 seconds. They should be softened at this point, but not warm.
3. Pour half of the cooled simple syrup, the mint leaves, and thawed mixed berries to the bottom of your glass. Muddle them with a muddler if you’re fancy,  or smash everything together with a wooden spoon if you’re me.
4. Add the vodka, club soda, ice, and pretty garnish.
5. Sip and be slender!

Note: if this is too sweet for you, add a little more club soda to stay slender, or add a little more vodka to stay fun.

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