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5 thoughts on “QOTW

  1. I LOVED the mini workouts that went with the songs! After school one day, my friend and I just toughed it out through a bunch of them and now I plan to do them at least once a day and memorize them so it takes no thought at all. I ABSOLUTELY love those types of work outs and would love to see more of them on the site!

  2. i love your website, and i was wondering also if you had any cool recipes for someone with celiac disease. :) im 17 and i just got diagnosed with it this past summer and im finding it so hard to find good recipes, chicken is basically all my diet consists of at the moment.

    • Hi Taylor! Sorry it’s taken so long to get back to you. I’m sorry to hear about your difficulty finding food. I can’t say that I’ve designed any of my recipes specifically for someone with Celiac, but I think if you got a little creative you could definitely do some substitutions to make things GF. That will definitely have to be something I think about in the future!

      P.S. Check out She has great, healthy recipes and usually provides a gluten free substitution or notes if things are GF.

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