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Airport snack ideas for slender travels! | The Slender Student

How many times have you started a trip with every intention to “be good,” only to be sidelined by the unhealthy airport selection that leaves you spiraling into a vacation of cheat meals and despair? Hopefully I’m not alone on this one, otherwise I’ve over shared to the max.

Per usual, all it takes is a little planning on your part to start your travels off on the right foot. The following snacks are all airplane safe and ideal for traveling because they can be stashed in a Ziploc bag in your carry on. Depending on how long you’ll be airborne, you might want to pair a few of these together for a more complete, low calorie, high protein meal.

Low calorie, filling snacks perfect for bringing on a flight! | The Slender Student

  • 15 almonds (105 calories, 4 g protein)
  • 1/2 C shelled edamame (100 calories, 8 g protein)
  • Babybel Light (50 calories, 6 g protein)
  • 1 oz turkey jerky (100 calories, 19 g protein)
  • Health Warrior chia seed bars (100 calories, 3 g protein)
  • Pop Secret 100 Calorie Pop (100 calories, 3 g protein)
  • 1 hardboiled egg (80 calories, 6 g protein)
  • Horizon Organic string cheese (80 calories, 8 g protein)
  • dark chocolate energy bites (55 calories, 3 g protein)
  • cinnamon raisin protein bread (70 calories, 5 g protein)
  • brainola (155 calories, 3 g protein)
  • sweet and savory muffins (125 calories, 4 g protein; 100 calories, 9 g protein)

In the event that you can’t throw any of these together, check out airport convenience stores for my go-to snacks– Greek yogurt, high protein/low sugar/low calorie snack bars, raw nuts, turkey sandwiches (no mayo, plz), etc. What are your must munch travel snacks? Leave a comment!

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3 thoughts on “Pack A Snack

  1. These are SUCH good ideas that I seriously need! I’m travelling for a full day there, and a full day back, so I’ll probably just end up combining a bunch of these and making meals! The way I see it, I’ll have more than enough opportunities to indulge (and spend $$$) while on vacation, so why would I want to waste that at the airport?

  2. These are great ideas! I travel quite a bit and am always looking for new healthy snack ideas. I’ve tried the egg frittata/hardboiled egg idea before, and although they were still edible by the time I boarded my flight, they smelled horribly, much to the chagrin of the other passengers.

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