January 2014 Fitness Challenge: Leg Day

January 2014 Fitness Challenge: Leg Day | The Slender Student

barbell quat

romanian deadlift

glute kickback (I like wedging a 10 pound dumbbell in the back of my knee for these)

leg press

kettlebell one-legged deadlift

single leg glute bridge

Happy leg day!!!

Leg day is my favorite for a couple of reasons. First and foremost, your lower body is full of large muscle groups, so working them out gives you a big calorie burn without the addition of any cardio. I don’t know about y’all, but any day I don’t have to step on a stair mill, elliptical, bike, or treadmill is a good day. Second of all, I like these exercises and I really like their results. Do this workout with intention and watch as your quads strengthen, your hamstrings get that desirable curve, and your booty gets lifted.


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3 thoughts on “January 2014 Fitness Challenge: Leg Day

  1. I love leg day because I know I will always, always, always be sore the next day or two. And to me, soreness is proof the exercises are working and doing their thing. I wish I could perfect the one-legged deadlift but I don’t quite have the balancing act for it yet! Do you ever fall out of posture when doing them?

    • Staying balanced is pretty hard on the one-legged deadlifts. I like to check my form in the mirror for the first few in each set and then once I’ve got it down, I focus my eyes on a stationary object to help me stay balanced. Balance improves with practice and strength so just keep at it!

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