Get The Slender Student Mentioned on ABC Family!

Slender Students,

Once again, I’m going to need your help! I’m a contestant on ABC Family’s Young & Hungry Blogger Challenge. Young & Hungry is a new show based on the real life food blogger, Gabi Moskowitz/BrokeAssGourmet. It’s packed with some major stars– Emily Osment and Ashley Tisdale. Kewl.

Anyway, the Blogger Challenge includes six challenges over the course of two weeks and I’ll need YOUR votes after each challenge to get a shoutout on the show! The peeps over at ABC Family sent me a mystery picnic basket of items and are releasing the challenges one at a time. I’ll be sharing my responses with you all as the challenges come along, so be on the lookout! Based on the basket, this should be a pretty interesting couple of weeks…

Today, our first challenge is to share our number one piece of cooking advice. Pictured below is mine, and it’s one I’ve learned firsthand. VOTE HERE!

PS You can vote EVERYDAY from each of your different devices– phone, tablet, laptop/computer, etc.

VOTE to get The Slender Student mentioned on ABC Family!

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