February 2014 Push Up Challenge

I’ve alluded to my history as an overweight child many a time. My former lack of strength, endurance, and overall fitness always made me fearful of any athletic endeavor. I distinctly remember facing every fitness test in middle and high school with trepidation. They always started with a (painstakingly public) measure of our body fat percentage using those hand held body fat analyzers. That number alone was enough to send me into an emotional, fat shamed tailspin. The mandatory timed mile run, crunches, and push ups that came after  just poured salt in the wound.

While I still sometimes carry the mentality of that self conscious, chubby adolescent, for the most part I’ve overcome these psychological and physical burdens. Except for push ups. I still suck at push ups. I can bust out maybe three regular push ups in proper form before I have to drop to my knees for the sissy stuff. And while I have no problem walking with confidence in the boys’ club that is my gym’s weight room, I know that doing my sets of girly push ups is both a bad look and a cop out.

That being said, let’s perfect our push ups this February. In addition to your regular fitness routine, perform the number of push ups indicated on the calendar below. Start with as many regular push ups as possible and then, if necessary, drop to your knees to finish ‘em out. Proper form for both can be found here.

February 2014 Push Up Challenge | The Slender Student

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4 thoughts on “February 2014 Push Up Challenge

  1. I am so doing this! Push ups are an exercise that I used to feel like I was good at, but have neglected over the past few years. It might take me several sets of 3 over the course of the day but hopefully this plan will help me get better!

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