Dorm Room Recipes: Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice

Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice | The Slender Student It’s times like these that I wish The Slender Student was around my freshman year. Four years ago, I spent my time not knowing how to study, filling my red solo cup with vaguely fruit punch-flavored liquid at mixers, and eating in the dining hall like I’d never see food again in my life.  Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice | The Slender Student

(It should be noted that I didn’t take on nutrition as my second major until my sophomore year.) Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice | The Slender Student

But seriously, freshman year is hard for everyone. Being in a new school in a new place with new friends makes concentrating on what you put on your plate seem pretty trivial. And in a lot of ways, it is… Until that freshman pudge starts creeping on. Nothing will make you feel less like venturing out of your social comfort zone than feeling uncomfortable in your own skin. Trust me, I’m speaking from experience. Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice | The Slender Student

So this week I’m making things simple. I’ll be giving you a handful of easy, versatile, slender and totally dormable recipes. The only kitchen equipment you’ll need are a few dishes, a cutting board, a knife, and a microwave. Spend your year focusing on Chem 101 and your hot dorm room neighbor, not on whether or not you should go get that second bowl of chocolate soft serve (you shouldn’t).

Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice | The Slender Student

Broccoli Cheddar Cheesy Rice
Servings: 1| Calories per serving: 329
Fat: 5.1 g (Sat Fat: 2.5 g) | Carbohydrate: 37.6 g | Fiber: 2.9 g| Protein: 30.9 g


Uncle Ben’s Whole Grain Brown Rice Ready Cup

heaping 1/3 C chopped broccoli florets (I bought them pre-chopped)

3 oz pre-cooked boneless, skinless chicken or turkey breast, chopped

1 slice reduced fat cheddar cheese

1/2 tsp garlic powder

salt and pepper, to taste



1. Remove the plastic top from the rice and peel away the foil. Place the chopped broccoli atop the rice, cover with the plastic top and microwave for 45 seconds.

2. In a microwave safe bowl, place the warm rice, broccoli, chopped chicken, cheese, and garlic salt. Mix well and microwave for an additional 45 seconds.

3. Season with salt and pepper, stir, and enjoy!

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  2. I made this tonight and it was FANTASTIC! I used canned chicken, and cooked the broccoli in the extra juice from the canned chicken before adding to the rice for a little extra flavor. But oh my gosh is it heavenly. Thanks for this recipe!!

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