The Slender Student Becomes The Petite Professional

Slender Students, as you may already know, I’ve started a new chapter of my life and have started a brand new blog to reflect this– The Petite Professional.

The Slender Student becomes The Petite Professional! | The Slender Student

I’ve been on the blogging bench for awhile now but I’m so, so excited to be creating content again for you all on the new site! While I’ll be switching gears slightly from college classes to the working world, you can still count on healthy and easy recipes, nutrition tips, and fun workouts. I’d love it if you all checked the site out and followed The Petite Professional on all of its social media platforms!

P.S. If you’re freaking out that all of the content currently on TSS is going to disappear… Don’t! All of your favorite recipes, tips, and workouts will stay riiiight here. Thank you for reading and I hope you’re as excited about this transition as I am.

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January 2014 Fitness Challenge: Back Day

Welcome to 2014, Slender Students! If you’re not caught up, we’re starting the year off with a fitness challenge. A couple of days ago, I posted the calendar that I’ll be following to guide my workout routine. Consider this your personal invitation to join me.

You’ll notice that this is a weightlifting based workout schedule, which might be new for many of you. I started gearing my workouts  toward strength training (as opposed to cardio bunny-ing) last summer and found that it completely reinvigorated me in the gym. Cardio is crucial and will be incorporated into these workouts, but I find weight training far more motivating and effective in changing my body. Sure, I feel great after a jaunt on the treadmill or elliptical, but nothing is as satisfying as lifting heavier than you did a week or two prior.

January 2014 Fitness Challenge: Back Day | The Slender Student

With that being said, this is your January 2014 Fitness Challenge back day workout! If you’re new to lifting, I recommend checking out the form for these exercises below before heading to the gym. Then save the image above to your phone and have it handy when you hit the weights. I train with my iPhone in an armband for this purpose and for music, obv. I promise you that your first venture into the male-dominated weight room will be intimidating, but I also promise you that you’ll quickly feel more comfortable and be the HBIC.

barbell deadlift
inverted row
straight-arm pulldown
seated cable row
wide-grip lat pulldown
single arm dumbbell row

Burn over 600 calories with this strength training and cardio workout! | The Slender Student

[my burn after a 10 minute stair mill warm up, the exercises above, and this Tone It Up cardio routine]

note: I am not a personal trainer or fitness professional. I put these workouts together using both information I’ve found online and my past experience.

10 Ways to Feel Accomplished (Without Really Accomplishing Anything)

Sometimes it’s just one of those weeks. You know, it’s mid-October and all of your midterms and due dates are cataclysmically coming together. Or, like, you spend all weekend writing 15 pages of your thesis to only then have to start over per the advice of your intellectualy superior thesis advisor. And don’t forget your bank account, which dwindles pathetically low as continues to send you “unusual spending” emails that you know are fully due to your own choices, and not those of some Serbian identity thief, as you so had hoped.

And yet there still remains some barrier to your productivity. Something in your brain that’s telling you to trudge through season 2 of Scandal on Netflix instead of the introduction of your thesis. For those times, there’s this list*:

10 Ways to Feel Accomplished (Without Really Accomplishing Anything)

1. Wash your sheets. Since you’ve been putting this off for awhile, finally doing it will make you feel like you own the world. Plus the rate of return is awesome; that “clean” sheet feeling lasts for like at least a week.

2. Go on a walk. This is an activity that can pass as exercise (and people who have their lives in order exercise, right?) without really requiring much effort.

3. Drink a cup of hot tea. Drinking tea really signifies being on top of things. Those who need the caffeine boost from coffee probably aren’t getting enough sleep. If you’re doing it right, you’re doing it all while also finding time to sleep.

4. Organize your computer’s desktop and empty your trash bin. Ever heard that a clean room is a clean mind? Same goes for your desktop, but you can do this from the comfort of your couch. Pro tip: make sure your volume is on before hitting “Empty Trash”. There are few things more gratifying than that sound.

5. Subscribe to a news highlight email service. This works best if you also tell your friends you’ve done so. Then, not only do you feel more knowledgeable, but other people view you as such, as well. And even if you just delete these emails upon receipt every morning, you’re still one step closer to knowing what’s going on in the world than you were before.

6. Get a haircut. New cut, new outlook, new you(?) Get after it.

7. Pin healthy recipes and workout routines. Every healthy lifestyle change begins on Pinterest.

8. Call your grandmother. First of all, it’s something you know you should do. Second of all, who better to make you feel like your (growing) to-do list is trivial? Grandmothers are notoriously wise and rock at believing in you.

9. Add color coded due dates to your planner. The colors are crucial because not only will they make you feel supremely organized, but focusing on getting the colors right will also distract you from realizing that most of them are tomorrow.

10. Make a list. It doesn’t really matter what the list lists, just start listing and hope it starts to make you feel less listless. (Really, why do you think I’m doing this?)

*This was written facetiously. Mom and Dad, if you’re reading this, I really will write my thesis and graduate at some point in the foreseeable future.

Spring Breakin’

Ok, I know I was the worst blogger ever this week, but sometimes life (read: exams I put off studying for…oops) gets in the way. I hate to say it, but something else is getting in the way this week because…

photoI won’t have internet access for the next week, but I promise things will be in full slender swing when I get back. I hope y’all enjoy your breaks as well, see ya soon!

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