Lady Lovin’ Workout Playlist

The Slender Student's Lady Lovin' Workout Playlist (a playlist to get you girls pumped in the gym!) | The Slender Student I don’t think I can count the number of times I’ve told y’all that I’m really not that into working out. I was born with zero athletic ability, so I give myself double points when I exercise for fighting against nature. That takes some serious work.

Nothing gets me more motivated to combat my inherent laziness than music. It’s a huge part of why riding at Cyc works so well for me. It’s also the reason why I walk around the gym with chronic B face. I’d classify the music I listen to while I workout as mean. It mostly consists of hip hop– songs in which the artist rattles off lyrics about how great he is, and how less great everyone else is. I, in turn, evoke the same attitude that’s being siphoned into my brain via my headphones.

Hey, it’s not charming, but it works. I truly believe that confidence can fuel a workout.

Since the conclusion of the holiday season, I’ve felt a lot of self consciousness and heard a lot of fat talk from both myself and my friends. I put together this playlist as a way to counteract all of this negativity. I hope not only that these songs get you in the gym, working toward your goals, but also that they give you a little confidence boost and remind you that you’re the HBIC. Heads up, language is explicit.

Thank you to my Instagram and Twitter followers who gave me song suggestions. It was really fun listening to what gets you all amped. Follow the playlist on Spotify so you can listen to it where ever you go, and leave a comment if you think I’m missing a crucial jam!

Motivation Station

Tips for staying motivated when it comes to your fitness and nutrition goals! | The Slender Student

So as some of you may know, I kind of suck at answering emails. I really do try, but things get a little crowded in the ol’ inbox and by the time I sit down at my computer at the end of the evening, I often find solace in telling myself, “maybe you should answer that one when you’re a little more awake and clearheaded.” That email just got marked as read and was soon swallowed by the abyss.

I mean at least I read them all, right? No? Ok. Fair enough.

Let me at least note one positive that has arisen from my lazy reading-not-responding habit. I notice trends. So after receiving a handful of emails asking about how I stay motivated, I figured it must be something worth writing about.

Let me start your visit to Motivation Station with one mantra: MIND OVER MATTER. I’m going to share a few tips that I use to keep myself in line, but none of them will be of any worth if you can’t get this concept down. The fact is that most of the time, eating healthy or exercising is the more difficult option available. If you want it, you’ll suck it up.

Let’s say it one more time– mind over matter.

Moving on.

1. Prioritize yourself. Getting fit, or healthy, or losing weight requires a change in lifestyle for most people. When you reach a point that you’re honestly making that effort for #1 (i.e. you), these changes will really stick.

Corny confession: there have been many instances of me mentally telling myself, “this is for you,” in the middle of a particularly difficult portion of a workout. Mind over matter, y’all.

2. Set small goals. Begin each week with a plan regarding your eating and exercise schedule and stick to it. Telling yourself (or your mom, or friends) that you’re going to lose 8 pounds this month means nothing if you don’t have a set path to get there. Creating that path step-by-step will make the journey as a whole much less daunting and much more attainable.

3. When you’re considering doing something that you know is counterproductive to achieving your goals like bingeing on cookies or taking another day off from the gym, weigh your emotions. Will the joy you receive from those 8 cookies outweigh the pride you feel after making a conscious decision to feed your body what it actually needs? Will the hour you gained from a skipped workout last longer than the time you spend whining to your friends about how much you need to workout?

4. Schedule your workouts in advance and plan accordingly. Treat a trip to the gym like you would anything else you prioritize– class, doctor appointments, meetings, etc. Taking care of yourself mentally and physically should be a non-negotiable.

5. On your first workout in awhile, remember how much it sucks. Bookmark this feeling and return to it when you think about skipping a scheduled workout.

Now that I’m more or less a working girl (just started my dietetic internships; please comment if you’d like some posts about the process of becoming a registered dietitian!), I need all of the motivation I can get so please share your wisdom in the comments!

Q + A, Part 4

Today I’m answering another handful of the questions y’all have submitted. Be sure to readpart 1part 2, and part 3 to see if I answered your question or just to check out the answer to something you probably wanted to know anyway. If you’re still feeling snubbed, please submit any question you’d like!

Answers to commonly asked nutrition and fitness questions! | The Slender Student

Will doing 100 ab crunches a day for thirty days give you evident results?
The most definitive answer I can give you to this question is no. Unfortunately, you can’t really target fat loss that way and, more often than not, the moves you make in the kitchen will deliver more results than the moves you make in the gym. Think about it this way: you can consume calories far faster than you can burn them. So, if you’re looking to get bikini-ready abs, I’d suggest a calorie-conscious diet full of whole foods, cardio, and strength training (including those crunches, if you’d like).

You mentioned that you did Weight Watchers when you were younger. What are your thoughts on it now?
I’ve had a couple stints with Weight Watchers and excluding my undergraduate nutrition education, it has probably provided me with the most knowledge about healthy eating. Recording your food as PointsPlus is a great way to exercise portion control and hold yourself accountable for what you put in your mouth.

My only qualm about their new system (assuming this is still how it works) is that fruit is zero points. For most people who don’t particularly enjoy fruit as a snack, this is probably an effective way to get them eating more. And while fruit is a nutrient-dense alternative to many snacks that are nutritionally empty, it still has calories. As someone who loves fruit, I was happy I could consume cups of it between meals to stifle my hunger without dipping into my daily PointsPlus for the day. That extra couple hundred calories or so, however, definitely stifled my weight loss, as well.

I have the BIGGEST sweet tooth ever, which has been a problem since I am trying to lose the 20 pounds I gained freshman year. What can I do to keep me away from the sweets?
I think your best bet will be to indulge in your cravings from time to time, but in a slender way. There are lots of lower calorie alternatives to satiate a sweet tooth, and totally avoiding the things you love is just going to set yourself up for failure. I like to have a 100-150 calorie “safety net” left over at the end of the night for sweets that satisfy my sweet tooth. This includes things like sweet slender nachos, single serving mug brownies, or chocolate Greek froyo.

The List

I often struggle with how personal I want The Slender Student to be. I hesitate to put it all out there for two reasons. Firstly, you could all be Craigslist Killers, or strangers with candy that want me to get in your van. Secondly, I’m just some random college girl whose blog you stumbled upon after clicking through some pretty food pictures on Pinterest. Admit it, you’re here for the healthy food porn, not to hear my life story.

Recently, however, I was telling an acquaintance something about a fast food venture fueled by libation, leaving her in complete disbelief that, “The Slender Student drunk eats?! At WHATABURGER?!” In that moment I realized that in sharing my healthy tips and recipes, I’ve (unintentionally) made myself out to be a nutritional saint. So today I’ve decided to share my list. My list consists of five things (though I’m sure there are more) I’m working on to improve my health. These are the things that I know I should be doing as a nutrition student, a health blogger, and a human, but that I don’t do because I’m well…a human.

My list of health things to work on... What's on your list? | The Slender Student

I know from my own experience (and a buncha geeks’ research) that writing things down helps keep you accountable, so feel free to leave your own lists in the comments section. Immortalizing your goals on the interweb could make you that much more likely to achieve them, plus I’d just love to see them.

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Spring Break Slender Down Swaps + Freebies

If you’re reading today’s post then you must’ve it through yesterday’s shocking announcement: spring break is less than two weeks away! Fortunately, there’s the Spring Break Slender Down meal plan, a no nonsense set of meal suggestions that will help you become the lean, mean, poolside-laying, (slender) margarita-sipping machine that I know you are.

Today’s post should give you a better idea of how to make the meal plan your own.
Spring Break Slender Down meal plan swaps! | The Slender Student The swaps can be used to change up the meals I suggested yesterday. Just make sure you check the nutrition information per serving before switching things around, as everything will have different calorie and nutrient content. Of course this list isn’t all-encompassing so if there’s something you have a question about incorporating into the Slender Down, let me know!

Spring Break Slender Down meal plan freebies! | The Slender Student Freebies should get you through the day by either adding some spice to your meals or giving you something free to snack on between designated meals. Keep in mind that not every meal plan can work for everyone, so if you’re absolutely starving while on the Slender Down, you should think about adding 100-200 calories to the plan.

For more tips and meal suggestions, follow me on Instagram and check out the Spring Break Slender Down Facebook album!

Also, if you wanna show off your Slender Spring Break Meal Plan creations, tag me on Instagram or Twitter and add #springbreakslenderdown!

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