Slender Sweet Nothings

Slender Sweet Nothings: simple tips for packing a healthy lunch for work or school! | The Slender Student

1. A little prep goes a long way. Go ahead and chop up your heartier veggies (cucumber, onions, mushrooms, celery, etc.) and store them in Ziploc baggies the day you buy them. This makes throwing a sandwich or salad together a no-brainer either the night before or the morning of a busy day. Pre-chop select veggies to make throwing a salad together a breeze! | The Slender Student

2. That being said, know when to take the shortcut. I make a point to buy pre-washed lettuce, pre-cut celery, marinated beets, roasted bell peppers and many other would be multi-step ingredients. Sure, these choices increase my grocery bill a bit, but they maintain the ease and interest of my sack lunches. And, trust me, opting for a sandwich from Subway out of boredom or laziness would cost much more in the long run.

3. Double up on dinner. Make two times of whatever you’re making for dinner on Monday night to serve as Tuesday’s lunch. Nothing makes the hours from 8 am to 12 pm go by faster than looking forward to a homemade lunch. Double up on dinner so you have leftovers for lunch! | The Slender Student

Slender Sights: Average Barbie

Slender Sights: Average Barbie | The Slender Student On many afternoons in the 90s, I could be found with a blonde Barbie clenched in my chubby hands. Looking back, I know I understood that she wasn’t real, but I still somehow found her to be exceptionally beautiful. Her eyes sparkled and her hair was far shinier than mine, even after begrudgingly brushing my own. I loved her range of clothing and mourned the loss of every tiny plastic shoe that inevitably wandered off into the abyss that was my bedroom.

Today, my views on Barbie have definitely changed, though the chubby hands have not.

I’m sure many of you have seen the shocking stats related to what a true life size manifestation of Barbie would look like– 5’ 9” with a 36-inch bust, 18-inch waist and 33-inch hips. Her neck would be too thin to support her head. Her abdomen would be too small to fit an entire liver or intestinal tract. She’d be forced to walk on all fours due to the frailty of her ankles.

Alas, that’s all old news. It’s only recently that someone has really decided to do something about it.

The doll on the right is Lammily, artist Nickolay Lamm’s way of showing us that average can be exceptionally beautiful too. It’s pretty clear that Lammily and Barbie are two very different women, but there are even more separating these two than this image communicates. Lammily’s joints all move, so she can do more than just welcome Ken home from work with a loving embrace. Her feet are also freed from Barbie’s constant tiptoe, allowing her to fit into sneakers or even (gasp) flats.

Lamm also created a brunette version, complete with toned down make up and hair that doesn’t appear as if it’s been sprayed with PAM instead of hairspray. Nickolay, my former pudgy childhood self thanks you.


Lady Lovin’ Workout Playlist

The Slender Student's Lady Lovin' Workout Playlist (a playlist to get you girls pumped in the gym!) | The Slender Student I don’t think I can count the number of times I’ve told y’all that I’m really not that into working out. I was born with zero athletic ability, so I give myself double points when I exercise for fighting against nature. That takes some serious work.

Nothing gets me more motivated to combat my inherent laziness than music. It’s a huge part of why riding at Cyc works so well for me. It’s also the reason why I walk around the gym with chronic B face. I’d classify the music I listen to while I workout as mean. It mostly consists of hip hop– songs in which the artist rattles off lyrics about how great he is, and how less great everyone else is. I, in turn, evoke the same attitude that’s being siphoned into my brain via my headphones.

Hey, it’s not charming, but it works. I truly believe that confidence can fuel a workout.

Since the conclusion of the holiday season, I’ve felt a lot of self consciousness and heard a lot of fat talk from both myself and my friends. I put together this playlist as a way to counteract all of this negativity. I hope not only that these songs get you in the gym, working toward your goals, but also that they give you a little confidence boost and remind you that you’re the HBIC. Heads up, language is explicit.

Thank you to my Instagram and Twitter followers who gave me song suggestions. It was really fun listening to what gets you all amped. Follow the playlist on Spotify so you can listen to it where ever you go, and leave a comment if you think I’m missing a crucial jam!