216 Squat Challenge

Add this 216 squat challenge to your leg day routine and let me know how you feel tomorrow! | The Slender Student Slender Students, this is your call to action to add an extra challenge to your leg day routine. But before you hit the gym, check out the proper form for each exercise:

narrow squat

squat with side kick

regular squat

squat with kickback

sumo squat

jump squat

If you want a little more attempt the exercises with a resistance band wrapped around your ankles and anchor your sumo squats with a kettle bell. Comment below if you incorporate this into your leg day and leave the gym feeling like Bambi!


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2 thoughts on “216 Squat Challenge

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  2. Wow, that’s sounds like torture ! Is it to have nice skinny legs ? What do you recommend as a pre or post workout breakfast ? When I go running or swimming it’s usually before breakfast … And then I feel like pigging out even though I’m not that hungry ;)
    Any keep posting your blog ! An inspiration for all students trying so so hard to be healthy ;)

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