Lazy Sunday

Breaking news: I made it through the week. I apologize for the lack of real posts lately, but having four exams in the span of 5 days left me trapped in the library (as you’re about to see) with little time to come up with healthy recipes or witty nutritional commentary. Fret not, though, I am back this week with a couple new recipes and tips.

Now, I present to you Lazy Sunday.

[turkey sausage links and kale hash from My Fit Foods]

[healthy eats from a campus dining hall]

[skinny egg salad on a Flat Out wrap]

[made a salad to-go from my sorority house]

[100 calorie popcorn + WW string cheese]

[edamame + rice crackers]

[free drink from the nicest Starbucks employee; he made my day]

[my roommate, Emily, made this turkey pasta]

[scrap salad using leftover veggies]

[turkey sausage and goat cheese pizza; holy delicious]

Note: this post wasn’t sponsored by Starbucks, but my wallet and I wish it was.

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Throwback: HIIT Me Baby

I guess there’s a reason the lyric is, “hit me baby, one more time.” Ha…right, moving on.

As I’m still in the midst of the school week from hell (it’s like having final exams in September), I wanted to direct your attention to another throwback post. This one is an elliptical workout that will wrest you from your usual gym snooze sesh, get your heart rate way up, and burn some calories.

Here’s the printable workout. Click on the photo to go back to the original post where I edumacate ya on the benefits of high intensity interval training.

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Lazy Sunday

I hope you all enjoyed Recipe Week 2, and thank you to everyone who sent in pictures of their meals! If you’ve got extra veggies or black beans leftover, throw them in a pan for an egg white scramble tomorrow morning. Not a bad way to start a Monday, right?

This is my first big week of exams so I’m afraid I’ll be putting TSS on hold for a bit while I get my study on. In the mean time, feast your eyes on the past couple of week’s worth of meals and see how I’ll likely be staying slender while I’m stuck in the library devouring biochemistry and physiology. As you’ll see, many of these meals are make ahead or good to grab-and-go. To the library. Where I’ll be all week.

[overnight oats in class]

[Special K breakfast sandwich on the go]

[baked egg sandwich on a sandwich thin]

[breakfast, lunch, and a snack prepped for a marathon school session]

[Hyde Park for lunch with my dad]

[toasted Flat Out Fold It sandwich]

[smoky stuffed pepper]

[slender meatball sub]

[bbq turkey stir]

Oh, and a shout out to the Lozilu Slender Students team! We had the best time at the mud run/obstacle course 5K yesterday morning. Let me know if you want me to organize teams for any other races!

[most of the team post-run…missing a few, I’m sorry!]

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